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Companions in Christ Facilitator Training

Offered when requested, this five-day online course prepares small group leaders to facilitate Companions in Christ groups.  More information here.





Upper Room Online Learning

Upper Room eLearning offers a variety of virtual learning formats.  We partner with BeADisciple to offer facilitator-led time-sensitive eCourses where you'll journey through content with a group of like-minded people.  We offer live events such as webinars and call-in seminars where you have the opportunity to meet our authors and beloved teachers. 


We are proud to announce a new format--Upper Room Online LearningUpper Room Online Learning offers self-paced courses that you can start and conclude at your own pace.  Video and audio recordings enhance your learning experience.  A place to introduce yourself and post comments allows for group interaction.  Advent and Lent eCourses offered through Upper Room Online Learning are customizable for your church or small group.  If you're interested in arranging a private group classroom for an Advent or Lenten study, email us at UReLearning@upperroom.org

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