Sample eCourses

Fundraising From the Heart

Call-in Seminars


Launched in April of 2013, this series of call-in seminars is designed for fundraising professionals as well as those who find fundraising to be part of their job.  The seminars feature content from Henri Nouwen's critical work A Spirituality of Fundraising.  The original 2013 call-in seminar offered participants the chance to listen in on a conversation among Nathan Ball, Sue Moesteller (Henri Nouwen Society fundraisers) and and John Mogabgab (editor of The Upper Room's Henri Nouwen series).  The seminar was such a success that three additional seminars have been added for 2014.  (January 23 with Parker Palmer; March 20 with Kerry Robinson; May 20 with Henry Freeman)


Questions God Asks Us eCourse

View the video below to get a feel for the Questions God Asks Us eCourse.  This five-week eCourse includes daily readings, reflection questions, online group discsussion, audio and video.  Offered in partnership with BeADisciple, Questions God Asks Us is repeated twice each year.   This is a great eCourse option for a congregation or small group to engage in together. 


How online learning works

Upper Room eCourses and eRetreats exist for your benefit.  While C.E.U.’s (continuing education credits) are available for many of our eCourses, the purpose of our online learning offerings is to support you in your daily spiritual growth. 

Upper Room Online Learning  At Upper Room Online Learning, self-paced courses are avaible at any time.  Start when you like and end when you like.  These courses are accessible via laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Live events  Some of the eLearning offered by the Upper Room comes in the form of live webinars or call-in seminars.  For these live events, you’re invited to log in at a specific date and time to listen to a live presentation by one of our authors. 

Ongoing eCourses and eRetreats  in partnership with BeADisciple.  The Upper Room offers eCourses in partnership with BeADisciple.  For these courses, participants are asked to login anytime of day during the specific course dates.  So, if a course runs from January 1 – 10, a participant would log in anytime day or night from January 1 – 10.  For those of you familiar with online learning, the platform BeADisciple uses for online courses and retreats is Blackboard. 

Customizable eCourses for churches and small groups  Ongoing eCourses and eRetreats include a variety of experiences – audio, video, daily readings, creative spiritual practices, and online small group discussion.  These online offerings are customizable for your congregation or small group.  To inquire about customizing options, email: