Companions in Christ Facilitator Training with Sharon Conley Cottingham


This event is ongoing.

Are you considering leading a Companions in Christ small group?  This training  will help prepare you.  Leaders who guide Companions in Christ small groups well have practiced the art of listening well (to God, themselves, and others), act as facilitators rather than teachers, and fully enter into the struggles and joys of walking with God along with the members of the group. Through this course, we will prepare to lead well.



  • Training lasts for 5 days.
  • Plan for 30-60 minutes per day
  • Purchase of the Companions in Christ foundational Leader Guide and Participant Book is recommended.  A 20% discount is available when these books are purchased through the Upper Room online bookstore.
  • Cost is $45.00
  • eCourse includes daily reading, group discussion, and requires submission of assignments. 
  • This eCourse is offered in partnership with BeADisciple.
  • Technological support is available for those new to online learning.

This eCourse is offered according to demand.  The next dates will be announced soon! If you're interested in a couse, please contact us at