Worship in Light of the Cross eCOURSE


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Many of the world's great cathedrals are built in the shape of the cross. When people enter to worship, they literally enter into the cross. Whenever we gather as a community of faith, we remember Jesus' death and resurrection and learn how to follow Jesus, even on the road to the cross.

In this six-week study for Lent, John Indermark invites us to worship through the cross. Indermark allows worship elements to guide us through our Lenten study:

  • Gathering: Forming Community
  • Invocation: Attending to the Holy
  • Confession: Honest to God
  • Proclamation: Gospel as Truth-Telling
  • Creed: Owning the Faith
  • Response: Stepping Out
  • Sacrament: Holy Week

Indermark includes scripture and reflections that directly address Good Friday and the cross. Each day closes with a suggestion for reflection, and the book includes a group guide for small-group study from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

The cost of this eCourse is $19 (inquire about group rates for groups of 5 or more), and the eCourse includes:

-A live webinar with author John Indermark (Monday, March 6 at 6:30pm Central time)

-Daily readings for each day of Lent (all essential content from Worship in Light of the Cross is included)

-Audio recordings of scripture

-A daily thought for each day via email

-A place for discussion with others enrolled in the course

This eCourse is open to individuals or groups. If your group would like a private classroom where you and your members have access to a closed discussion group, this can be arranged. For information or registration, contact Sharon Conley Cottingham at sconley@upperroom.org.


All essential content from Worship in Light of the Cross is included in our eCourse. If you would like a print or electronic copy of the book, you may order it at The Upper Room Bookstore.