Fundraising From the Heart

Friday, February 28, 2014

In 2013, Upper Room eLearning offered its first Fundraising from the Heart call-in seminar.  Designed for fundraising professionals as well as those who find themselve fundraising as a part of their job, the seminar featured presenters John Mogabagab, Nathan Ball, and Sue Moesteller.  The idea for this call-in seminar came from a partnership between The Upper Room and the Henri Nouwen Society.  John Mogagab, special projects editor at The Upper Room, served as primary editor for the Upper Room's Henri Nouwen title, A Spirituality of Fundraising.  Henri Nouwen Society members Nathan Ball and Sue Moesteller teamed with John Mogabgab to build on the vision of fundraising detailed in Henri's book.  While courses on the techniques of fundraising are plentiful, it is rare to find insight and wisdom into the spiritual elements of the role of fund development.  What is our relationship with money?  How do we view our role as fundraisers?  How do we find the courage needed to ask for funds?  Do we see fundraising as ministry...or simply a means to ministry?  These and many other questions were the focus of that 2013 conversation.  The event was so well-received that The Upper Room and the Nouwen Society opted to continue the coversation in 2014 with three addtional seminars.  Parker Palmer, Kerry Robinson, and Henry Freeman will be our seminar guests.  John Mogabgab, Nathan Ball, and Sue Moesteller will interview.  The Courage to Fundraise, The Spirit and Practice of Excellence, and Lessons from a Lifetime of Learning are featured subjects.  Join us January 23, March 20, and May 20.