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Course Author Launch Date Availability
21 Ways to Pray (Beginning Prayer) John Killinger Live Always
Caregiving from the Heart Marjorie Thompson and Gordon Peerman Live Always
Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me Beth Richardson Live Always
Easter Earthquake James A. Harnish Lent 2018 Seasonal: Lent
Facing Financial Struggle Wessel Bentley Live Always
For Sabbath’s Sake J. Dana Trent Live Always
Fundraising from the Heart John Mogabgab Live Always
God Unbound Elaine Heath Live Always
Miracle Flora Wuellner Live Always
Practicing Compassion Frank Rogers Live Always
Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds Flora Wuellner Live Always
Praying with Protestant Prayer Beads Kristen Vincent Live Always
Preparing the Way: Looking Beyond America’s Current Crisis of Faith Phyllis Tickle Live Always
Questions God Asks Us Trevor Hudson Live Always
The Cycle of Grace: Living in Sacred Balance Trevor Hudson Live Always
The God We Can Know: Exploring the ‘I Am’ Sayings of Jesus Rob Fuquay Live Always
Upper Room Living Prayer Center Volunteer Training Migdiel Perez Closed Always
Praying With Mandalas Sharon Seyfarth Garner Live Always
Take the Flag Rob Fuquay Live Always
Freedom from Worry Pat Wilson Live Always
SOULfeast Favorites Hudson, Kincannon, Richardson, Trent Live Always
Which Way Lord? Rob Fuquay Live Always
In Days to Come George Donigian Live Seasonal: Advent
Prepare the Way Pam Hawkins Advent 2016 Seasonal: Advent
What Are You Supposed to Be Doing Anyway? Patricia Wilson Live Always
Who’s Shoulding On You? Patricia Wilson Live Always
Worship in Light of the Cross John Indermark Lent 2017 Seasonal: Lent
Why Pray When You Can Take Pills and Worry Patricia Wilson Live Always
Why This Jubilee? Rev. Dr. James Howell Advent 2015 Seasonal: Advent