eCourses available at UReLearning.UpperRoom.org can be offered as private eCourse experiences for churches and small groups at special rates.

We typically offer two ways of purchasing private classrooms.

  1. You estimate the number of participants you expect to register.We then create a private classroom and offer it to you for a single fee. We then send an access link to you to share with group members.
    • *The discounted rate for this type of registration is
      • 10% off for a Group of 5
      • 12% off for a group of 10
      • 15% off for a group of 15
      • Larger groups are possible as well.
  2. *We open a private classroom and individual participants register and pay on their own. We send you a link to the private classroom, and you share that link with potential participants. The cost per student is the same as the open and publicly accessible eCourses on our website.

*Pricing structure is subject to change

Contact us to request information about a private classroom for your group.

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