Facing Financial Struggle eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Have you ever experienced this?  You sit down to pay the bills and realize that there is simply not enough money in your checking account to cover them. You turn on the national news, and the economic forecast sounds bleak. It's easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed when financial limitations press in on us. Now, more than ever, you need to feel God's presence.

Author Wessel Bentley has been there. He understands the feelings financial pressure can bring. He also knows the power of prayer. Wes shares that power of prayer in a 28 day prayer guide, Facing Financial Struggle. Our Facing Financial Struggle eCourse provides 28 days of daily readings, prayers, and suggestions to support you as you deal with financial trouble and all the emotions it stirs. The eCourse includes video greetings from author Wessel Bentley, audio recordings of scriptures, prayers, questions, and ideas appropriate for personal prayer and reflection.

Bring your financial concerns to God in prayer through this self-paced course.

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God Unbound: Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church


This event is ongoing.

Christians today wring their hands over the church's declining influence even as they become stuck in defending and protecting its traditions. Is there a way through this dilemma?

Elaine A. Heath has reached back to Paul's letter to the Galatians to chart a new path for the modern church. Though she is among the most innovative thinkers and prophetic voices in Christianity today, Heath found herself identifying with today's traditionalists as she encountered Paul's wisdom, and she came to a stunning realization: Her own vision of God may yet have been too small.

Let Heath be your guide through Paul's letter as she looks for the great tradition behind our traditions. Allow her to teach you how Galatians can inspire you to move with Christ to the margin of society, where God's kingdom flourishes. You too just might find God unbound.

This seven session eCourse includes:

  • all essential reading from Elaine's book, God Unbound: Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church.
  • Weekly videos (2-5 minutes each) of Elaine introducing each chapter.
  • A series of personal reflection questions.
  • A place to share comments and thoughts with others who are participating in this eCourse.

Praise for God Unbound:

"Rarely do we find so many critical issues about the future of faith addressed so concisely as in God Unbound. And to think that this is coming from the dean of one of our great schools of theology--how hopeful! Elaine Heath grounds her message in one of the core texts that leveraged the Protestant Reformation, inviting us to move with the spirit into the new Reformation now so clearly unfolding." --Paul Nixon, coauthor, Weird Church: Welcome to the Twenty-First Century.


Worship in Light of the Cross eCOURSE


This event is ongoing.

Now open for enrollment!

Many of the world's great cathedrals are built in the shape of the cross. When people enter to worship, they literally enter into the cross. Whenever we gather as a community of faith, we remember Jesus' death and resurrection and learn how to follow Jesus, even on the road to the cross.

In this six-week study for Lent, John Indermark invites us to worship through the cross. Indermark allows worship elements to guide us through our Lenten study:

  • Gathering: Forming Community
  • Invocation: Attending to the Holy
  • Confession: Honest to God
  • Proclamation: Gospel as Truth-Telling
  • Creed: Owning the Faith
  • Response: Stepping Out
  • Sacrament: Holy Week

Indermark includes scripture and reflections that directly address Good Friday and the cross. Each day closes with a suggestion for reflection, and the book includes a group guide for small-group study from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

The cost of this eCourse is $19 (inquire about group rates for groups of 5 or more), and the eCourse includes:

-A live webinar with author John Indermark (Monday, March 6 at 6:30pm Central time)

-Daily readings for each day of Lent (all essential content from Worship in Light of the Cross is included)

-Audio recordings of scripture

-A daily thought for each day via email

-A place for discussion with others enrolled in the course

This eCourse is open to individuals or groups. If your group would like a private classroom where you and your members have access to a closed discussion group, this can be arranged. For information or registration, contact Sharon Conley Cottingham at sconley@upperroom.org.


All essential content from Worship in Light of the Cross is included in our eCourse. If you would like a print or electronic copy of the book, you may order it at The Upper Room Bookstore.

The Cycle of Grace: Living in Sacred Balance eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Are you soul-weary? Do you struggle to make time for God in the midst of a packed schedule? Or do you sometimes stay so busy doing things for God that you can't relax and just "be"? Jesus faced amazing pressure and overwhelming demands throughout his ministry, but he did not experience the burnout so common today among Christian ministers and laypersons. We can learn the rhythm of living that Jesus demonstrates throughout the Gospels--the Cycle of Grace.  The Cycle of Grace is a rhythm that allows for rest and renewal keeping us deeply rooted in God's love even as we work hard.  

The Cycle of Grace examines 4 components of a grace-filled life:

Acceptance, Sustenance, Significance, Fruitfulness

Our eCourse is designed for individual participation. Video recordings of teachings with authors Trevor Hudson and Jerry Haas guide the way. Practical exercises, suggestions for journaling and reflection, and a place to share comments with others. Designed to be completed in six sessions, you are free to work through the material at your own pace.

Grow in your awareness of God's deep love for you, nurture your spiritual life, understand who you are called to be in the world, and learn how to restore balance to your life with Trevor Hudson and Jerry Haas in The Cycle of Grace.

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Praying with Mandalas: A Colorful, Contemplative Practice


This event is ongoing.

Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. In recent years, adult coloring books have become popular as many grownups have discovered that coloring can quiet their thoughts and reduce anxiety.

Sharon Seyfarth Garner found that coloring offered her a new way to pray. She felt especially drawn to mandalas' beautiful circular designs containing geometric patterns. Contemplative coloring is a simple, enjoyable, and tangible way for adults to "be with God on purpose," as Garner defines prayer. Praying with Mandalas blends the relaxing practice of coloring with the ancient spiritual practices of lectio divina (savoring the words of scripture), intercessory prayer, centering prayer, and Examen (seeing God in the events of our daily lives). This coloring book guides adults through a heartfelt, tangible experience of prayer, helping them create a visual prayer journal.

Our eCourse includes:

  • all essential content from Praying with Mandalas by Sharon Seyfarth Garner EXCEPT printed versions of the Mandalas templates. You'll need a printer!
  • video introductions to each chapter with Sharon Seyfarth Garner
  • plenty of opportunities to color beautiful mandalas
  • music composed specially to accompany your coloring experience
  • audio recordings of prayers for each contemplative practice
  • questions for personal reflection
  • a place to exchange comments with others
  • templates of all prayer mandalas (You will need to download and print these.)

You'll want to have a set of coloring pencils on hand for this eCourse!

All content essential for this eCourse is included in the eCourse...except a set of coloring pencils! If you wish to purchase a print copy of the book, you'll find information at The Upper Room's online bookstore.

Miracle eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Stress, pain, grief…

Do you need a miracle? They still happen, says Flora Wuellner, a wise spiritual director, counselor and healer. She's a witness to their power and mystery.

"Fifty years ago, as a young pastor, I probably would've denied it," she writes. "But over the years I have become humbler, listening and observing more. Yes, acts of wonder still occur surprisingly often in the physical world. God works closely in, with and through us as every atom, each cell, every thought and action open to reveal God's love."

The mystery of miracles fits into the biblical and theological framework of today. Rediscover their wonder and power.

In her 2008 Upper Room book, Miracle, Flora focuses on seven of Jesus' miracles and invites you to consider:

What does this story tell me about God and how God feels for me?

How can this story help me with my problem?

Flora explores the many ways God's generous goodness and mercy are available to each of us. For anyone facing illness or a life crisis, Miracle opens the depths of spiritual richness for living a full life in spite of it all.

Each section of our eCourse ends with a guided meditation read by Marjorie J. Thompson.

In Flora's stories and meditations, you'll discover Christ's power to touch your intense hurts. Christ can transform them into a life of miracles.


Feel free to finish this eCourse quickly or to take your time. It's ready to begin when you are!

Open for registration!


To purchase a print version of Miracle, visit The Upper Room bookstore.

Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Practice seeing blessings all around you! Upper Room author Beth A. Richardson invites us to practice the Celtic way of seeing God in everyday life. Through Beth’s written blessings and stories, we’re invited to live into a regular practice of gratitude and noticing—practices that encourage us to be aware of God all around us. Drawing on her own Celtic heritage, Beth weaves personal story and written blessings into a book you’ll want to have ready for life’s ordinary and extraordinary moments.

In our online course, you’ll meet Beth through brief videos, hear her read aloud both story and blessing, and be guided in writing blessing prayers of your own.


Feel free to finish this eCourse quickly or to take your time. It's ready to begin when you are!

Open for registration!


To purchase a print version of Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me, visit The Upper Room bookstore.

Praying with Protestant Prayer Beads eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Are you looking for a way to pray that involves your senses and keeps you attentive to God? Prayer beads offer a way to involve your hands and your heart in prayer. Kristen Vincent's A Bead and a Prayer introduces Protestant prayer beads to Christians who are brand new at praying with beads.

In this eCourse, you'll learn from Kristen the history and art of using beads in prayer, how to use prayer beads in your own prayer life, and how to make your own creative beautiful prayer beads. The eCourse includes all the content of Kristen's book, audio recordings of scripture passages, and instructional video on how to make prayer beads, sample prayers, and a place to comment with other course participants.  Learn how prayer beads can help you deepen your faith, understand Christian beliefs, and listen to God through this wonderful hands-on way course. Join alone or with a group of friends.

Open for registration!

Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds eCourse


This event is ongoing.

In her 1985 Upper Room book Prayer, Stress and Our Inner WoundsFlora Wuellner reminds us that the passion to heal was central in Jesus. "God's love longs to touch and heal our inner wounds. God's transforming power can do it!"

We are all wounded in some way. Only as we become aware of our own pain and our own need for inner healing can we hope to heal others--and finally heal the world. "The first step for transforming the world's pain is to look with honesty at our own pain and to begin to open the door to God's love."

In Flora's book and our eCourse, several types of pain are examined: physical pain, painful memories, forgotten wounds, the pain of uncertainty, the pain of stress and anxiety. Flora suggests practical ways by which prayer can help us experience inner healing. The reader learns how to cooperate with God, trusting the grace of God's love rather than rigid discipline and techniques. As Wuellner says, "God is asking for relatedness not rules."

A key practice Flora offers is guided prayer that engages our imagination. These guided prayer practices are found throughout the content of Prayer, Stress and Our Inner Wounds. We invite you to engage in a healing journey through Flora's book and guided prayer practices.


Feel free to finish this eCourse quickly or to take your time. It's ready to begin when you are!

Open for registration!


To purchase a print version of Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds, visit The Upper Room bookstore.

Caregiving from the Heart eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Caregivers, whether professional or personal, know the joys and anguish of providing care for one another. Henri Nouwen, in much of his writing, offers a perspective of caregiving that sets the heart's inner compass in a life-giving direction. In this audio recording of a live call-in event sponsored by The Upper Room and the Henri Nouwen Society, Gordon Peerman and Marjorie Thompson engage in a conversation about their own experience with caregiving, Henri's writing, and Henri's life-giving perspective on caregiving. Seminar content will draw from A Spirituality of Caregiving, published by Upper Room Books and edited by John Mogabgab.



This event is designed for caregivers and receivers of all kinds, whether professional or personal. Listening in on this rich conversation will offer comfort, courage, and inspiration for your spirit.

Open for registration!

Questions God Asks Us eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Transformation comes from living into questions, not from finding answers.

We often look to the Bible as the book of answers. How often do we consider the challenging questions God asks? Beloved author Trevor Hudson points out that though Jesus was asked 183 questions in the Gospels, he directly answered only three.

"I thought the Bible existed to give me solutions to my everyday concerns and dilemmas. Then I realized I might be approaching God and the Bible from the wrong direction. It was as if God said to me, 'Trevor, rather than you always asking questions of me, start listening to the questions I have for you.'"

In this eCourse, you'll be encouraged to listen to those questions God has for you. Through short videos, reading, personal reflection, and participant comments, you'll be invited to consider ten of the questions God asks. The goal is a deeper dialogue and intimacy with God.

Trevor takes 10 questions from the Old and New Testaments to serve as starting points for genuine conversation with the Creator. He assures, "We're not starting the conversation with God from scratch. God has already begun it. We just need to plug into the conversation that is already going on."

Feel free to finish this eCourse quickly or to take your time. It's ready to begin when you are!

Open for registration!

Preparing the Way: Looking Beyond America's Current Crisis of Faith eCourse


This event is ongoing.

A conversation with Phyllis Tickle in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Academy for Spiritual Formation

I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? --Isaiah 43:19

he world is changing. In the midst of that change, religion in North America is experiencing significant upheaval. At the same time, there are numerous places where seeds of vitality and faithfulness have been germinating for the last few decades; places like the Academy for Spiritual Formation where God's Spirit is actively preparing the way for the next incarnation of the body of Christ.

Watch and listen in as Johnny Sears, Director of The Upper Room's Academy for Spiritual Formation engages in conversation with Phyllis Tickle, a leading authority on religion in America. Be encouraged by this conversation about the changing religious landscape; envision a future in which both Christianity's rich past and contemporary evolution are dynamically integrated; enter in as the spirit moves us closer to embodying the reign of God in the world.

This online course includes eight five to fifteen minute video segments and space to add comments and reflections. The course is designed for individual or small group use. Video was recorded during a live May 2013 event hosted by The Upper Room in Nashville, TN.

Open for registration!

Fundraising from the Heart eCourse


This event is ongoing.

Have you ever raised funds for your church, another organization, or a mission trip? Maybe you felt uncomfortable about asking people to donate money. It's time to change the way you view this important task.

“Fundraising is, first and foremost, a ministry," renowned author and teacher Henri Nouwen writes in the introduction to his book A Spirituality of Fundraising. “It's a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission."

Nouwen approaches fundraising from a position of strength rather than weakness, seeing it as spiritual work. “Fundraising is precisely the opposite of begging," he points out.

This eCourse includes four audio recordings from past live sessions of audio interviews offered by the Henri Nouwen Society and The Upper Room. The sessions offer an entirely different vision for fundraising and encouragement to live into that vision. Hosted by The Upper Room's John Mogabgab, each seminar expands on insights into the person-centered approach to the donor-fundraiser partnership reflected in Henri Nouwen's seminal work, A Spirituality of Fundraising.

Designed for fund development professionals as well as those who are tasked with raising funds for non-profits, churches, and particular endeavors, these seminar recordings include:

Fundraising from the Heart with John Mogabgab, Sue Mosteller, and Nathan Ball.  

The Courage to Fundraise from the Heart with Parker Palmer and John Mogabgab

The Spirit and Practice of Excellence for Fundraising from the Heart with Kerry Robinson and Nathan Ball

Lessons and Learning from a Lifetime of Fundraising from the Heart with Henry Freeman and Sue Mosteller

Open for registration!

The God We Can Know: Exploring the 'I Am' Sayings of Jesus


This event is ongoing.

This course is open anytime, but is ideal for Lent.

God wants to be know!

The Gospel of John records several declarations by Jesus known as "I Am" sayings. With each statement, Jesus uses vivid images to capture our imagination, revealing more about his identity and purpose.

In this 7-week online course, we'll explore along with author Rob Fuquay what Jesus meant when he said "I Am...the Bread of Life; the Light of the World; the Good Shepherd; the True Vine; the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the Resurrection and the Life."

Videos of Rob's teaching in the Holy Land capture will capture your imagination. Readings that offer deeper insight into each week's topic will give you food for thought. Opportunities to discuss with others what you are learning will enrich your experience. 

Open for registration!

Companions in Christ Facilitator Training with Sharon Conley Cottingham


This event is ongoing.

Are you considering leading a Companions in Christ small group?  This training  will help prepare you.  Leaders who guide Companions in Christ small groups well have practiced the art of listening well (to God, themselves, and others), act as facilitators rather than teachers, and fully enter into the struggles and joys of walking with God along with the members of the group. Through this course, we will prepare to lead well.



  • Training lasts for 5 days.
  • Plan for 30-60 minutes per day
  • Purchase of the Companions in Christ foundational Leader Guide and Participant Book is recommended.  A 20% discount is available when these books are purchased through the Upper Room online bookstore.
  • Cost is $45.00
  • eCourse includes daily reading, group discussion, and requires submission of assignments. 
  • This eCourse is offered in partnership with BeADisciple.
  • Technological support is available for those new to online learning.

This eCourse is offered according to demand.  The next dates will be announced soon! If you're interested in a couse, please contact us at UReLearning@UpperRoom.org.


Practicing Compassion with Frank Rogers


This event is ongoing.

Compassion is more than a sympathetic feeling—it is the bond of human connection. Most religions lift up compassion, yet few people actually teach how to practice it.

Through rich and moving stories of people from various faiths, Frank Rogers shows ways to incorporate compassion in our daily lives. His interfaith perspective on mercy, kindness, and caring for one another trains us to Pay attention, Understand empathically, Love with connection, Sense the sacredness, and Embody new life (PULSE). Key to Rogers' instruction is that we begin our compassion practice by extending compassion to ourselves. Getting in touch with our breath, with our own belovedness, and grounding ourselves in the midst of tumultuous emotions is where we start our practice of extending compassion to the world.

Our eCourse includes:

  • all essential content from Practicing Compassion by Frank Rogers
  • video introductions to each chapter with Frank Rogers
  • audio recordings of guided meditations
  • questions for personal reflection
  • a place to exchange comments with others learning to practice compassion

Endorsements for Practicing Compassion

Everybody believes in compassion, but nobody tells you how to practice it. Until now. Frank Rogers turns compassion into a doable, daily practice—as simple as catching your breath and taking your pulse. If you want to read a book that actually has the capacity to change your life (and the world), beginning today, this is exactly what you need. —Brian D. McLaren, Author/speaker/blogger/activist (brianmclaren.net)

If you want clear, practical guidance on how to cultivate the inner resources to become a healing presence and force of good for the world, there is no better book than this and no better guide than Frank Rogers. —John Makransky, Professor of Comparative Theology, Boston College; Author of Awakening through Love


To purchase a print version of Practicing Compassion, visit The Upper Room bookstore

21 Ways to Pray


This event is ongoing.

Do you long for a deeper relationship with God but don't know where to start? Have you ever felt awkward or frustrated when you tried to pray?

You are not alone. Many Christians are insecure about their prayer life.

John Killinger, a former pastor and professor, is well qualified to give step-by-step instructions for how to pray. In this eCourse based on his book, Beginning Prayer, Killinger answers basic questions beginners have about prayer. Our eCourse offers creative means of engaging in these prayer practices for yourself.

The 21 Ways to Pray eCourse will help you learn:

–the appropriate attitude for prayer

–the best time to pray

–the best places to pray

–postures for prayer

–21 methods of praying

The book Beginning Prayer is an Upper Room classic. It is our hope that through this online course you'll discover creative ways to pray that will grow and enhance your prayer life.


To purchase a print version of Beginning Prayer, visit The Upper Room bookstore.