Hear what people are saying about the Freedom from Worry eCourse


“So in addition to my car repair bill of +$2000, I need $4000 to replace my leaky skylights, I have water damage and need to pay a $1000 insurance deductible. I just got an $1100 medical bill and have to pay for my daughters baby shower. So I find not worrying to be a challenge and can’t say I’m really feeling the love right now either. Hope things get better quick.”

Elaine (continues in a later comment):

“I am definitely less consumed with worry. A month has gone by very quickly. I’m grateful I found this course.”


“The course is making me more mindful of bringing my worry/worries to god although my first instinct is to worry about a situation then keep on worrying about it in my head.”


“This course has definitely brought an awareness of how worry has affected my life – how it has sapped the joy and how it interferes with my connections with God and with others. Now I am much more aware of what is going on, and I have been given the tools to deal with it. I still need more practice, but it has brought hope to me to know that God is ready and willing to give me complete freedom from these burdens I have been carrying. I’m going to start my worry journal today!”