Thoughts from a staff person on The God We Can Know content and eCourse.

I have found these videos to be timeless and helpful in church, and am quite impressed with the quality of them and how well they pair with the print resources.

The first time I experienced these resources for myself was when I was part of a small church as the pastor’s wife and helped lead Sunday School class. We used the discussion suggestions and other material, but the videos were central and essential to getting us into a conversation about the content. These proved quite helpful in significant part because they were so easy to follow in our listening and understanding. Hearing clarity can be a challenge in some churches as was the case with this group. Most people present were older adults, and it was not uncommon to be advised about how difficult it can be to be a part when videos rush through content and speech patterns progress much too quickly to really listen and process what is being said.

It is quite a blessing to see these resources presented in eCourse format though the DVD was ideal for our situation. Everything is so accessible online via the eCourse, and it helps me be sure to stay on track when progressing through the study on my own.

Linda Furtado
Marketing Manager Technology Specialist
Upper Room Formational Learning