Hear testimonies from people commenting on the Praying with Mandalas eCourse


“I put my friend’s name in the center of the [Intercessory Prayer] circle and began to pray for several aspects of her life. As I drew, wrote, and colored, I felt close to my friend even though she lives hundreds of miles away. The slow, intentional process celebrated the value of her life and all its details. Taking time, slowing down, giving attention is valuing.”


“I have a person from my church who is in surgery at this time and this gave me a focus for my prayer and also the Mandala to give to her, so she will have this during her recovery. It was a perfect thing to do for her. She loves color. I know this will help her recovery”


“Initially, I thought trying to do two things at one time would keep me struggling to focus on one or the other. I find that coloring while meditating on scripture, although it is another activity, keeps me focused on what is in front of me rather than what is going on around me. Selecting colors to represent my word/phrase also allows me to focus more on what it is I am in prayer about and for.”


“Meditating on scripture while coloring a mandala gave me an external activity that reinforced the internal activity of meditation and prayer. It made it easier to focus on the process and not just skip to the step that I am most comfortable with.”

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