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God created every person with a desire for meaning and purpose. Many of us wonder, How do we live the purposeful life God intends for each of us? Rob Fuquay’s title, Which Way, Lord?, is designed to help us consider that big question. The Damascus road experience was not the only event that sent the apostle Paul on his quest. Throughout Pauls’ life his traditions, education, travels, and challenges shaped him for ministry. After years of preparation through prayer and discernment, Paul traveled roughly 10,000 miles throughout the Mediterranean world to spread the Good News. When he started, he had no idea how God’s plan for him would take shape. This eCourse helps us unpack our life alongside Paul’s life to find our purpose and passion.

Our eCourse is one piece of a church-wide series featuring Which Way, Lord? with Rob Fuquay. For more information on the series, visit http://whichwaylord.upperroombooks.com/.

Our eCourse includes:

-six sessions that you may begin and complete at any time

-all essential content from Rob’s book

-video accompaniments for each chapter

-a place for group discussion

-mobile-friendly design for easy access

If you’d like to experience this eCourse in a private classroom just for your group, let us know by emailing UReLearning@UpperRoom.org.

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