Upper Room eLearning is a ministry of The Upper Room. Most known for The Upper Room daily devotional guide, The Upper Room is a global ministry dedicated to helping Christians know and experience God more fully.

At The Upper Room, we are always in search of ways to bring people together to engage in daily spiritual practice. Upper Room eLearning offers spiritual seekers around the world easy-access guides to spiritual reading, reflection, prayer, and learning. Through online learning programs, participants can log in anytime from anywhere with adequate internet access. Through live webinars, participants interact with Upper Room spiritual leaders who may be miles away. Join us to connect, learn, and grow alone or with others.

Upper Room eLearning has been offering online courses since December 2010. At that time when we launched our first Advent eRetreat, The Uncluttered Heart.  We offered this eRetreat in partnership with BeADisciple. Additionally, prior to that 2010 eRetreat, Upper Room authors led eCourses featuring content from their Upper Room books. Those authors included Val Isenhower, Dan Wolpert, Derek Maul, and Judith Todd.  Upper Room eLearning has now offered over 60 online courses and retreats all, of which highlight content from Upper Room books such as Companions in Christ, Reaching Toward Easter, Questions God Asks Us, and Shaping a Life of Significance for Retirement. Our offerings have expanded from eCourses to include webinars, call-in seminars, and self-paced courses.

For more information about Upper Room Ministries, visit The Upper Room.

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