What are eCourses?

Upper Room eCourses and eRetreats exist for your benefit. While CEU’s (continuing education credits) are available for many of our eCourses, the purpose of our online learning offerings is to support you in your daily spiritual growth.

At Upper Room Online Learning, self-paced courses are available at any time. Start when you like and end when you like. These courses are accessible via laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

What formats for online courses does The Upper Room offer?

Our online learning includes:

  • Live events. These are call-in seminars or webinars offered at specific dates and times.
  • Upper Room Online Learning. These are self-paced eCourses available anytime. They are mobile and tablet friendly and feature Upper Room books enhanced with audio, video, and a place to post comments.
  • Advent and Lent eCourses. These eCourses begin and end on specific dates. They encourage group participation. Private classrooms are available for churches and small groups.
  • Church-wide studies. These are eCourses that are part of larger church-wide initiatives and include resources for adults, youth, and children.

What computer equipment do I need to participate?

Our live events require high-speed Internet access and an updated computer. Some tablets are adequate for access.

Our eCourses require high-speed Internet access but can be viewed on laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.

I feel like I’m computer illiterate. Will I be able to manage the technology?

We offer technical support for our eCourses and online events. If you’re able to check your email on your computer and know how to search for something on Google, you’ll manage our eCourses with no problem. If you are uncomfortable using a computer, we are glad to help you learn to navigate our eCourses.

How do I log in to my Upper Room Online Learning Course?

Watch this video to learn how to log in.

Do I get credit for taking eCourses?

Upper Room eCourses and online events are designed for your spiritual development. We offer C.E.U.’s (continuing education credits) for many of our eCourses. Emails us to learn more about a specific eCourse or with a C.E.U. question.

What can I expect from a live event, eCourse, or self-paced course?

Ongoing eCourses include a variety of experiences – audio, video, daily readings, creative spiritual practices, and online group discussion. All Upper Room eCourses feature content from Upper Room books, magazines, and programs. All Upper Room content is designed to help foster daily spiritual practice for those who want to have a deeper relationship with God.

Who leads the eCourses and online events?

Each eCourse and online event is different, but most are led by a team that includes The Upper Room staff, Upper Room Books authors, and trained facilitators.

My church or small group is interested in combining live groups and online groups. Can you help with that?

Yes! The Upper Room’s online offerings are customizable for your congregation or small group. To inquire about customizing options, email: UReLearning@upperroom.org.

How much do eCourses and online events cost?

The costs vary depending on the length of the eCourse and what elements are included in the eCourse. Fees for most eCourses or events is $9-$45.00. Purchase of a paper copy of an accompanying book is sometimes required but not always.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available. For information, contact us at UReLearning@upperroom.org.

Interested in online learning options based on your favorite Upper Room books? Look for this graphic and click it to learn more as you explore The Upper Room bookstore.

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